LBPD Releases CY2021 Agency Accountability Reporting

LITITZ BOROUGH - The LBPD has released the CY2021 Annual Agency Accountability Reporting. The annual report was presented to the Lititz Borough Council and Mayor at the January 25th Council meeting.

As an agency, we have a due-diligence obligation to assure the Lititz Community that we have policies, procedures and systems in place that, at  their core, are intended to, and actually result in positive community outcomes. We prioritize public access to high-quality and timely agency data to enhance public trust and legitimacy. We regularly post and make available for instant public access, information commonly of community interest such as agency policy and procedure, arrests, enforcement actions, reported crime and other law enforcement data and public safety data. We publicize the beneficial outcomes and images of positive, non-enforcement, trust-building partnerships with the Lititz Community. This annual report is presented to our community members, elected officials, municipal staff and other interested readers as an additional medium for accountability and transparency.

We listen intently. We learn. We internalize our community's expectations of us. We believe this translates to an organizational culture that is aligned with the expectations of the Lititz Community. We believe this reporting reflects that relationship and that commitment.

While this reporting is an aggregate of CY2021 initiatives, efforts, data and outcomes, the data is also presented in real-time on the agency webpage of during the year for instant public access and review. We invite you to take a look at our annual report!

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