Specialized Units and Task Forces

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) - A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) has specialized and advanced training in drug-impaired driving. DREs perform a drug influence evaluation on drivers suspected of being under the influence of drug(s) other than, or in addition to, alcohol. DREs can be qualified as expert witnesses in court regarding impaired driving.

Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)- The Lancaster County SERT deploys the CNT during SERT activations. Situations may include barricaded gunman, hostage situations, kidnapping, and high-risk warrant services. The CNT officer is tasked to assist in the desired peaceful and safe resolution of critical incidents.

DUI Task Force - The Lancaster County DUI Task Force is comprised of officers who have training in areas of impaired driving. DUI Task Force officers operated multi-agency sobriety checkpoints and impaired driving roving patrol initiatives throughout the County.

Crash Investigative Unit (CIU) - The CIU is comprised of officers from around Lancaster County and is dispatched on crashes involving serious bodily injury or death. Members of the team are qualified as expert a reconstructionist for the purpose of determining the true cause of the crash being investigated.