Requirements of Repositories Relating to Public Notice

This notification is in compliance with 18 Pa.C.S. (PA Crimes Code), Section 9171 (related to Requirements of repositories relating to public notice), which states "Repositories maintaining criminal history record information shall inform the public and post on a public place, notice of the existence, purpose, use and accessibility of the criminal history record information they maintain and the requirements of the repository for identification on individual access and review."

The LBPD maintains Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) on all individuals who have been arrested for a crime and subsequently fingerprinted as a result of such arrest.  CHRI is maintained to provide criminal justice agencies and other interested persons with a chronological listing of past criminal behavior of persons fingerprinted as a result of an arrest.  CHRI is used by criminal justice agencies as an investigative aid in criminal investigations.  CHRI may be used by employers in determining the suitability of applicants. CHRI may be used by boards, commissions or departments on the Commonwealth authorized to license, certify, register or permit the practice of trades, occupation or professions.  CHRI may be reviewed by the subject of such information to determine completeness and accuracy.  To obtain a copy of CHRI maintained by the LBPD, you must:

Please note that the LBPD can only disseminate CHRI which is maintained by the LBPD.  If you are interested in statewide CHRI which is maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), you can seek that information from:

Pennsylvania State Police
Record and Identification Division
Bureau of Records and Information Services
1800 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110-9758

or online at:

Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH);
PDF icon LBPD Public Notice of CHRI