Crimes Reported, Crime Victims and Arrested Persons

The LBPD is providing this quick link to the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) self-service dashboard. While the LBPD publicly posts statistical agency data related to offenses reported and demographics of those who are arrested both on a quarterly and annual basis, this self-service tool will allow members of the public to view agency submitted UCR data at any time. By utilizing this public reporting query tool, community members can create reports specific to Lititz Borough using a variety of reporting types, and then applying reporting filters such as time frame, crime victim demographics, arrested persons demographics, etc.

To ensure accuracy in the data submitted by the LBPD to the UCR system, the LBPD adheres to quality control checks on the data to ensure validity and agency adherence to established standards of reporting. When querying the data, it is important to note that some crimes reported to the UCR system remain under active investigation. In these instances, the clearance/closure of the investigation, identification of a suspect, and the filing of criminal charges may occur in a subsequent month than the month the crime report was received.

Click here for the self-service reporting query tool.

About the Pennsylvania UCR system:

The UCR system serves as the state repository for the collection of crime statistics and its primary objective is to generate reliable information for use in law enforcement administration, operation and management. As the program has evolved and the demand for transparency has increased, so has the demand for the data compiled under this program. Members of the general public, such as legislators, media, academia, etc., have come to rely upon this data for information on the fluctuations in the level of crime from year to year.