Public Info

The LBPD has long-enjoyed a positive relationship with the Lititz community.  However, this is a relationship that must constantly be maintained.  This includes an understanding of our role as community guardians, continued building of community trust, proper exercise in discretion, cultivation of agency culture rooted in transparency and accountability, embracing PLEAC Accreditation training, policies and procedures regarding bias-based policing, promoting opportunities in schools and the community for positive nonenforcement activities, publicizing the beneficial outcomes of positive trust-building partnerships and initiatives, community input in agency activity and consideration of potential damage to public trust when implementing crime fighting strategies among others.

Simply put, any police department can make great rules and policies, but if the policies conflict with organizational culture, they will not be institutionalized.  The LBPD places great value in our relationship with the community and has created this page as a way to cultivate the trust, accountability and transparency which is crucial for a positive, mutually-beneficial relationship between a police department and its community