Patrol Function: Currently, ten sworn officers are assigned to the patrol function.  The patrol function is comprised of two patrol platoons, each consisting of a Patrol Sergeant (shift supervisor) and four Patrol Officers.  Generally, Officers assigned to the patrol function are tasked with answering routine and emergency calls for service, investigating criminal and non-criminal incidents, apprehension of criminal offenders, enforcing state and local laws, engage in proactive patrol to discover crimes in-progress, serve as a preventative presence and to interact with the community in a positive manner to enhance police-public relations.

Criminal Investigation Division: The Criminal Investigation Division consists of a Detective/Sergeant (CID Supervisor) and one Detective.  The CID is primarily responsible for the investigation of major crimes, crime scene/evidence processing, financial crimes, crimes against special victims and other investigations requiring special investigative techniques and/or having an extended investigatory duration.

Community Services: The Community Services function is responsible for the management of 13 school crossing guards during the school year.  Additionally, this function is responsible for the planning and coordination of special events having a major traffic and/or population impact on the Borough.

Specialized Functions: In addition to the daily operational responsibilities our agency has, several officers are involved with specialty functions that are utilized throughout the County.  They include:

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE): An officer is certified as Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).  A DRE is an officer who has specialized and advanced training in drug-impaired driving.  DREs perform a “drug influence evaluation” on drivers suspected of driving under the influence of drug(s) other then, or in addition to, alcohol.  There are approximately 130 DREs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania out of approximately 30,000 law enforcement officers.

SERT CNT: An officer is a member of the Lancaster County Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) belonging to the “Crisis Negotiation Team” (CNT). SERT is comprised of officers from throughout the County.  SERT incidents may include barricaded gunmen, hostage situations, kidnappings and high-risk warrant services.  As a member of the CNT, the officer is certified as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, tasked to assist in the desired peaceful and safe resolution to critical incidents.

Joint Collision Reconstruction Team: An officer is a member of the county-wide joint crash team.  The crash team is comprised of officers from around the County and is dispatched for serious crashes involving serious bodily injury or death.   Members of the team are qualified as expert Reconstructionist for the purpose of determining the true cause of the crash being investigated.

Lancaster County Forensic Unit: An officer is a member of the county-wide forensic unit.  It is comprised of officers from throughout the county, as well as from the Office of the District Attorney. The forensics team is deployed on major crimes and/or high profile incidents such as homicides.

South Central Task Force (SCTF): The SCTF is comprised of officers from Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Dauphin, Perry, Franklin, Cumberland and Adams Counties.  The SCTF participates in the planning, prevention, response and recovery for any event that occurs in the region that exceeds local capabilities.