Bias-Based Policing Prohibited

The LBPD has policy and procedure in place which prohibits bias-based policing which meets PLEAC Accreditation standards.  LBPD policy prohibits any traffic stop, field contact, vehicle search, asset seizure/forfeiture, or other enforcement action based solely on a common trait of a group; to include race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age or cultural group.  All written allegations of bias-based profiling will be investigated.  The LBPD has corrective action plans in place for any substantial allegation of bias-based policing to include disciplinary measures and/or training.  PLEAC Accreditation standards require review of this data on an annual basis; however, the LBPD has elected to conduct the review more frequently on a quarterly basis.  Each quarter's review will be posted here for public inspection.

PDF icon 2020 CY Bias-Based Policing ReviewPDF icon 2020 Q4 Bias-Based Policing ReviewPDF icon 2020 Q3 Bias-Based Policing ReviewPDF icon 2020 Q2 Bias-Based Policing ReviewPDF icon 2020 Q1 Bias-Based Policing Review