LBPD Announces the Retirement of Civilian Police Aid Carolyn Sensenig

LITITZ BOROUGH - *Retirement Announcement *
Today was the last official day of service for Civilian Police Aid Carolyn Sensenig. 

Carolyn originally joined the LBPD in 1989 and served as a police officer for 10 years.  During her tenure as an officer she is well remember for stopping a robbery from happening at the Turkey Hill on South Broad Street.  Carolyn noticed a suspicious vehicle and intervened as the two subjects were donning ski masks to enter the store.  

Carolyn then returned to the LBPD in March of 2012 as our Civilian Police Aid.  Carolyn served in this capacity with distinction.  Carolyn supervised all of the School Crossing Guards to include all of their training and administrative needs.  Carolyn also oversaw our parking meters in town, which is a huge, time-consuming operation.  

Carolyn was nominated for the 2022 Lititz Borough Police Officer of the Year award and was the first non-sworn member to receive such a nomination.  Her nominating letter read as follows;

While Carolyn is not a sworn member of the department, she is nonetheless a public servant of Lititz Borough. As such, this submission should receive the same consideration as any other.

When thinking about the attributes of an officer that is deserving of this award, We think about the words written on the side of every patrol car, Duty, Integrity, and Respect. These words were not put there by happenstance nor were they put there to "look cool." Those words are the core values of the LBPD.

We define Duty as "a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility." When we read this definition, our minds immediately goes to Carolyn. The staff member that must take 5am calls from crossing guards when they can't make it in. The person who hand delivers letters to every resident when we have an event that might affect them, and we definitely have our fair share of events.  The saying goes "a Jack of all trades is a master of none." But few people know that the quote actually continues with, "but better than a master of one." In our lives we often see people who are good at one or two things, but the rarity is someone who is good at everything. Carolyn is one of those people.

The next word on the side of our vehicles is Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Again, Carolyn comes to mind. She carries out her duties honestly, fairly, and consistently. Whether it's writing parking ticket knowing full well someone will complain or picking up lost dogs and abandoned bicycles. She is always there when she is needed, sometimes even before we know we need her. She responds to crashes and starts directing traffic without being asked. She pays attention and anticipates needs better than officers more senior than her.  

Finally, we come to respect, the consideration and regard shown to others. Carolyn had her hands in many different things inside the department, from organizing internal functions, fingerprinting, organizing our National Night Out events, completing vacation house checks, delivering evidence to the crime lab, keeping our after-hours business list up to date, or anything else that needs done. The list is never ending, but it boils down to when we need Carolyn, she never says no and she never complains.  She does all these things and countless others while showing the same respect to officers that she shows to arrestees. The same respect to businesses and visitors, to residents and tourists. 

Carolyn, we are going to miss you here at the LBPD and we wish you nothing but joy in your retirement.  Thank you for your service!

#25911  03/12/2012 - 01/06/2023

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