Information Shared about Lititz Borough Snow Removal Ordinance and Requirements

LITITZ BOROUGH - The LBPD is reminding everyone who owns, is an occupant or is a tenant of all properties within Lititz Borough, of the requirements of the Lititz Borough ordinance regarding snow removal and place-keeping.  Following these simple requirements will help to ensure the safe passage of our streets and sidewalks. The following provisions are detailed in Ordinance C-512:

A. Snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow has ceased falling.

B. Pathways cleared must be at least 5 feet in width.

C. If snow is so hard that it cannot be removed, then abrasive must be placed on the sidewalk to make travel safe until the snow can be removed.

D. Prevent snow and/or ice from falling from buildings onto sidewalks.

E. Remove snow, ice and other formed precipitation from a 2 foot radius around fire hydrants on or adjacent to your property.

F. Remove snow from a handicap ramp from the sidewalk to the street of at least 3 feet in width within 24 hours after the snow ceases to fall (corner properties where there exists a handicap ramp).

G. Cannot shovel, dump, throw, pile or push any snow or ice removed from any driveway, sidewalk or parking lot across or into any street or immediately next to a fire hydrant or storm sewer.

H. Cannot place or cause to be placed any devices such as chairs, trestles, buckets or other moveable items intended to hold for private use public parking spaces, public sidewalks or other similar public area.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the ordinance may contact the LBPD at 717-626-6393 or the Lititz Borough Municipal Office at 717-626-2044.  A copy of the ordinance is attached to this post for easy and instant reference.

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