District Attorney Heather Adams Announces Lancaster Law Enforcement Series

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office announces our Lancaster Law Enforcement series, which will begin Monday, January 9, 2023, to commemorate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

The series will feature stories on law enforcement officers throughout Lancaster County with the goal of posting twice a month to our office’s CrimeWatch page.

The objective of this project is to showcase Lancaster’s everyday law enforcement heroes, give the public a glimpse of who is serving them while getting to know the person behind the badge, and to flip the script of the largely negative portrayal of law enforcement in the media.

“The acts performed by law enforcement every day are so constant that people have started taking the heroic nature of this job for granted,” Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams said. “In this day and age, more and more simply do not appreciate the service that law enforcement provides or appreciate the courage and selflessness needed to do this job day in and day out.” 

“The Lancaster County Chiefs’ Association which represents the 600-plus officers in Lancaster County are pleased to join with the Lancaster County DA’s office to recognize all officers for National Police Recognition Day,” Lancaster County Chiefs’ Association President Kerry Nye said. “Police officers and other first responders protect our communities tirelessly 365 days a year.”

Law enforcement agencies in Lancaster, and across the nation, have been faced with difficulties in recruiting. This project aims to highlight the good done by police departments across the county with the hope of sparking further interest in those thinking about careers in the law enforcement field.

“In the past few years, hiring of persons willing to become a police officer has been difficult,” Chief Nye said. “Many departments are opening up their hiring to persons that are willing and able to attend the required sixth-month Police Academy and will pay for the persons’ academy costs.

“Becoming a police officer is a great career and will reward you with serving your community and helping others. If interested, please contact your local Police Department, follow local departments on their CrimeWatch page or look for hiring notices on the Lancaster County Police Chiefs website.”

MEDIA CONTACT: Sean McBryan, semcbryan@co.lancaster.pa.us; Twitter: @SeanMcBryanLanc.