Improving Safety for Child Passengers - Child Safety Seat Enforcement Detail

On Thursday September 17, 2020, members of the Manheim Township Police Department conducted a child safety seat enforcement detail on West Roseville Road near Fruitville Pike. As a result of the detail, over 55 children were made safer for their travels! In addition to actually correcting unsafe installations, car seat technicians were available to answer questions. Twelve citations were issued – eight for drivers license violations and four for not having a child in a car seat as required. Twenty-four warnings were issued for car seat misuse.

Parents and drivers are reminded of the following rules regarding children travelling in cars:


Under 2 years of age – Must be REAR FACING

Under 4 years of age – Must be in a harnessed child restraint

4-8 years of age – Must be in a seat belt and a booster seat

Children under 13 SHOULD remain in the back seat

All child restraints should move less than one inch at the belt path (from left to right)


The Manheim Township Police Department has three certified technicians that are available for questions or assistance on installing seats. Call (717) 569-6401 ext 1545 to make arrangements to speak with one!

MEDIA POST CONTACT: Chief Thomas E. Rudzinski, W: 717-569-6401 Ext: 1462, C: 717-808-6808,