Large Road Closure Events



Manheim Township does permit the hosting of fundraising events such as 5K runs and bicycle races, which require the closing of streets.  In order to host such an event, a completed Manheim Township Community/Road Event Review Application is required to be submitted to the Manheim Township Police Department for review and approval.  All applications must be received at least forty-five (45) business days before the scheduled date of the event.  An incomplete application or an application submitted less than thirty (30) business days before the event will be denied review. 

The Patrol Administrative Sergeant for the police department will work with the event coordinator/sponsor to develop and implement an operational and/or safety plan/s.  This may include, but is not limited to, police coverage during the event, barricades for traffic/pedestrian control, or other similar safety requirements.  Once the completed application is reviewed and approved by the police department, it will be placed on the Board of Commissioners' agenda for approval to close public streets for the road event.

NOTE: Community/Road Events require a $50.00 application fee as well as certificate of liability insurance.  Please refer to the Manheim Township Community/Road Event Review Application listed below for more information, or contact the Patrol Administrative Sergeant at 717-569-6401 Ext. 1548 or via email by clicking this link.

PDF icon Manheim Township Community / Road Event Review Application