Burglar Alarm Permits


By local ordinance, three-year permits are required for all properties using a burglary, panic, or robbery alarm systems.  In January of 2020, the Manheim Township Police Department entered into an agreement with a private contractor, PM AM, out of Irving, TX, to administer and manage all burglar alarm systems in Manheim Township.  This collaboration was part of an effort to reduce false alarms within the Township and to better manage the program using available technologies.  PM AM is a national company with expertise in this area and will be responsible for our alarm permit registrations, false alarm billings, and educational material. 

The officers of the Manheim Township Police Department will continue to respond to burglar, panic, and / or robbery alarms.  The goal of the ordinance and partnership is to reduce false alarm activations, which account for a high percentage of our alarm responses.  Through this partnership, we will free up police resources, and ultimately reduce the fines levied on alarm system customers. 

Contact information for PM AM is below:

PO Box 142886
Irving TX  75014


See PM AM's Manheim Township website for additional information - CLICK HERE