The Manheim Township Police Department consists of 64 full-time sworn police officers and 18 full-time and part-time civilian employees.  The officers patrol the 23.88 square miles of Manheim Township and the 6.0 square miles of Lancaster Township, serving an approximate population of 62,000 residents.  The area we cover encompasses the majority of the limited access highways in Lancaster County (Routes 30, 283, and 222) as well as Lancaster Airport, the fourth busiest airport in Pennsylvania.  The police department is organized into three functioning divisions, the Patrol Division, the Special Operations Division, and the Administrative Services Division.

Patrol Division - The patrol division is commanded by Lieutenant Charles M. Melhorn, Jr. Under his command are the following:

* Four, 11 uniformed officer platoons, each supervised by a Sergeant.

* A Patrol Support Section, supervised by an Administrative Sergeant, whose responsible for overseeing the uniformed Civilian Police Aides, a Traffic Safety Unit, the School Resource Officers, and the Field Training Officers.

Special Operations Division - The special operations division is commanded by Lieutenant Brian E. Freysz.  Under his command are the following:

* Detective Sergeant

* Eight plain clothes detectives

* Evidence and Property

* Youth Aid Panel -  This alternative program was created for dealing with youthful first-time offenders to handle their criminal case outside the juvenile court system by a volunteer citizen panel, which oversight and input from the police department.

* Criminal Intelligence and Homeland Security

* Crime Prevention

Administrative Services Division - The administrative services division is commanded by Lieutenant Michael T. Piacentino.  Under his command are the following:

* Administrative Sergeant

* Internal Affairs

* Accreditation

* Records

* Public Information and Social Media

* Training

* Hiring / Recruiting

* Equipment, Information Technology, and the Physical Plant.

* Safe Schools