Block Parties


All requests for block parties which include a request to close a street shall consist of a written petition containing the following information:
     - The block to be closed
     - Date and times of the event
     - A primary petitioner who will be responsible for the event
     - The names, addresses, and signatures of the majority of persons who reside upon the street which has been requested to be closed.

The written petition shall be submitted to the Patrol Administrative Sergeant of the Manheim Township Police Department no less than two weeks prior to the event.  Petitions may be mailed or dropped off to the police station during normal business hours.  Approved events require barricades and cones to be used to close the street.  The Manheim Township Public Works Department does charge a fee for the use of barricades and cones.

Any questions pertaining to this process can be directed to the Patrol Administrative Sergeant at 717-569-6401.