Manheim Township PD, just like all other police departments in the state of Pennsylvania, is bound by the requirements set by the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC). PA Title 37 Section 203.11 outlines the qualifications for an individual to be considered for the role of Police Officer in the state of Pennsylvania. The state-mandated qualifications are can be accessed by the link above. Manheim Township uses these paraments to serve as a baseline for our requirements, which are listed below. An individual who meets these qualifications can then enroll in one of the state's many police academies. The current academy curriculum involves 919 hours of coursework and lasts approximately 6 months. After an individual completes the academy and passes the MPOETC Certification Exam, he/she is eligible to serve as a police officer in the state of Pennsylvania. Manheim Township is one of the few municipalities in Lancaster County which hires non-certified applicants and has the ability to put new hires through the academy at no cost to the individual. Please read through the qualifications below for the role of Police Officer, and review the resources below for additional information related to officer qualifications, the PA police academy, out-of-state transfers, and more. 


  • Qualifications -  All candidates must:
    • Be at least 21 years of age by academy graduation (MPOETC requires 18, however, MTPD requires 21)
    • Possess a high school diploma or GED Equivalency
    • Be citizens of the United States
    • Be free from convictions of disqualifying criminal offenses (any felony, certain graded misdemeanors, current pending charges, or active probation/parole)
    • Be able to read at no less than the ninth-grade level (see Physical/Written Test)
    • Meet the minimum physical fitness standards (see Physical/Written Test)
    • Pass a thorough medical examination including vision test, hearing test, and drug screening
    • Be free from the addictive/excessive use of alcohol
    • Be free from the use of illegal controlled substances
    • Pass a psychological assessment
    • Pass an extensive background investigation
    • Pass a polygraph examination
    • Possess a valid PA driver’s license prior to being hired
    • Pass an extensive background investigation to include criminal history, driving record, credit history, employment history, character references, substance use history, and more
    • Be willing to work rotating shifts, carry firearms, and work in dangerous situations
    • Pass a basic police officer training course (police academy) and accompanying certification exam


MPOETC Academy Syllabus

MPOETC Curriculum Overview

Federal LEO / Military Police Transfers

Out-Of-State Transfers

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