Vehicle Break-Ins

The East Lampeter Township Police Department has recently seen an uptick in residential vehicle break-ins.  These most recent incidents all occurred overnight in housing complexes as well as single home neighborhoods.  Thefts from vehicles are almost exclusively crimes of opportunity and all of our victim vehicles were unlocked.  Vehicles were rummaged through: cash, ID cards, and credit cards were taken.  Additionally, online charges were made on several cards.

                              What can we do to prevent or minimize the inconvenience and financial loss from damage as well stolen cash and property?

  • If available, park your vehicle in a secure garage
  • ALWAYS keep your windows up and lock your vehicle when unattended (outside or in a garage)
  • Maintain outside lighting
  • Install a security camera at your residence
  • Park your vehicle in a visible location
  • DO NOT leave valuables in your vehicle and HIDE them if absolutely necessary; use your trunk
  • DO NOT leave firearms in your vehicle unattended
  • DO NOT leave the keys to your car, spare car or residence inside of your vehicle  
  • Install a lockable safe box designed for vehicles to store valuables
  • ALWAYS report suspicious activity, look out for neighbors and encourage them to do the same
  • Report criminal activity as soon as possible so that police can investigate

   The East Lampeter Township Police Department wants all of our residents and visitors to be safe and not be a victim to crime.  If you like it, need it, and want to keep it – LOCK IT UP!  Please take care and enjoy the Spring season!