Camera Registry

The East Lampeter Township Police Department is creating a voluntary list of participating business and residential property owners who maintain private surveillance cameras.

The intent of the registry is to deter criminal activity, solve crimes and promote public safety through a cooperation between the East Lampeter Township Police Department and the businesses and residents of the communities that we serve.  Recorded images will assist the police in developing leads in select criminal cases. 

If you are interested in partnering with your police department, we are asking that you complete the provided questionnaire.  A member of the department will contact you to discuss any concerns.  The East Lampeter Township Police Department values the privacy of our neighbors and will keep this list confidential to the extent of the law.  Thank You for teaming up with us!

Select "individual" if you are registering a personal camera, or select "business" if you are registering a camera for a company.
Reporting Person
Camera Location

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Camera Details
How long before the video is overwritten?
What areas do your cameras cover? Select all that apply.
Does someone onsite know how to work the camera system?
Camera Summary
Enter any additional helpful information about the camera's capabilities or setup.
Attach any files (jpg, jpeg, png, txt, pdf, avi, mov, mp3, wav) that may be useful with the registration of the camera.