Good to Know!

                                                                                                               Good To Know…!

   You can now request all crash reports, both Reportable and Non-Reportable from East Lampeter Township online via CRASHDOCS.ORG -

There are three (3) ways to get your crash report:

  1. East Lampeter Township Police CrimeWatch page – select Crash Reports either thru the menu on the Home Page or by selecting Resources and clicking on the link to CarFax/CRASHDOCS.ORG
  2. East Lampeter Township website – select Permit and Billing, select Accident Report
  3. In person – cash, check, or credit card (there is a $2.50 credit card fee)

   Only those people directly involved with the crash may obtain a report and will need specific information provided by a police officer at the time of the investigation.  Crash reports currently cost $15.00 for both Reportable and Non-Reportable.  There are no administrative or credit card fees thru CRASHDOCS.ORG.  Crash reports are typically posted online within ten (10) to fifteen (15) days after the incident.  

   What is a Reportable vs. Non-Reportable crash? 

A Reportable Crash is one where either a motor vehicle required towing or injury was sustained and occurred within the borders of a highway or trafficway open to the public.  In all reportable crashes, at least one motor vehicle must have been involved and in transport (moving or stopped but not parked).     

A Non-Reportable Crash is an event where there were no injuries reported and no towing was required – although a driver or vehicle owner may still request a vehicle to be towed; or, the vehicle was not on a public roadway/traffic way or was the result of deliberate intent or a cataclysm (cloudburst, flood, hurricane, lightning, torrential rain, tornado).


  • Car catches fire while driven down a public road and comes to a stop, occupants exit without injury – reportable even without injuries due to the vehicle being in transport on a public roadway and requiring towing
  • Car runs red light and is struck by car with right-of-way, minor damages (no towing) to vehicles but one driver complains of neck pain – reportable due to injury sustained
  • Car is parallel parked in marked space along city street and subsequently catches on fire – non-reportable due to vehicle not being in transport
  • Two vehicles collide while attempting to pull into the same parking space at a mall, one driver sustains a minor injury – non-reportable due to stalls in a parking lot do not meet the definition of a highway or trafficway
  • A horse and rider are on a pubic roadway, the horse is spooked and damages a parked car and rider is injured – non-reportable due to the car not being in transport (if the horse had struck a vehicle in transport this would be a reportable crash)
  • A bicyclist strikes a curb and is thrown from the bike sustaining a serious injury – non-reportable due to the bicycle not being a motor vehicle in transport