Terroristic Threats/Open Lewdness/Disorderly Conduct



At 1:54 am, Sunday, 5/3/15, a Black male, driving a red sedan with New York plates entered the Taco Bell drive thru lane.    The male used offensive and vulgar language with employees while ordering.  The male drove ahead and stopped short of the service window, then exited the vehicle and urinated on the building.    When the staff refused to serve the male at the service window the male spit on the service window and struck the window with his fists.   The male threatened to assault the employees and threatened to get a gun to finish it.   The male was described as a Black male, 45-55 years of age, wearing glasses, with a short beard and hair.   Witnesses provided a possible NY registration plate number of U20EFW.   Anyone with information is asked to submit a tip online or call East Lampeter Twp Police (717) 291-4676.

Sunday, May 3, 2015 (All day)

Case Status: