Red Flag Day in Lancaster County

IMMEDIATE MEDIA ADVISORY                                                                                  RELEASE DATE: May 4, 2015


                Due to the current weather conditions in the County, the National Weather Service has declared

a Red Flag Warning for Lancaster County.  This means that the threat of field and woods fires are very

high due to dry, windy conditions.

                Randall S. Gockley, County EMA Director, is recommending that no one due open burning today

or during any Red Flag Day.  Gockley stated “Common sense has to come into play and people with

brush and trash piles can wait until it is not as dry.  I would highly support law enforcement fining any

one causing an out of control fire due to burning on a dangerous day like today”.

                Woods and brush fires can spread to structures and can be very dangerous and time consuming

 on the local fire service resources.  According to Gockley, “most natural cover fires can be prevented by

asking people to burn when conditions are not as severe.  Prevention is the priority of the fire service.”    

                For additional information, citizens can contact their local municipal office or the Lancaster

County Emergency Management Office at 1-800-808-5236.


For additional information contact Gockley at 1-800-808-5236