Indecent Exposure to Amish Children- Leola



3:15pm, 2/21/17, a male riding a bicycle exposed himself to young Amish children walking home from the Forest Hill Amish School.     The male approached the children on W. Center Square Rd just west of Forest Hill Rd, within sight of the Amish School.   The suspect is described as a middle aged White male, with a gray or light colored beard, wearing all black clothing, with a hooded jacket pulled tight around his face.   The suspect was riding a red with gray trim mountain style bicycle, with a black bag on a cargo rack behind the seat.    This incident is similar to several other incidents that have occurred in Upper Leacock Twp and West Earl Twp over the past year.    Anyone with information is asked to submit a tip or contact East Lampeter Twp Police Lieutenant Rob Eachus at (717) 291-4676.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Case Status: