NLCRPD Community Service Officer Receives Distinguished Services Award As a Member of the Brunnerville (Warwick Township) Fire Department

The NLCRPD is pleased to have DOUG STONER as our part time civilian Community Service Officer (CSO. In this role DOUG provides the members of the NLCRPD with the performance of countless tasks that facilitate our day to day agency operations and assists sworn officers with tasks that do not require the assistance of  a sworn officer. This provides the agency with an increased performance factor and provides a value added force multiplier. 

When he is not working at the NLCRPD serving his community, DOUG is also an active member of the Brunnerville (Warwick Township) Volunteer Fire Department. Last weekend at the annual conference of the Lancaster County Fireman Association a Distinguished Service Award was awarded to DOUG for his many years of service to fire services community. The NLCRPD offers a congratulations to DOUG for his dedication and tradition of service!   The letter of recommendation for the award has been provided to the NLCRPD and is attached in a PDF format below. 

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