Click on the link and be directed to the Agency's Policy Management System (PowerDMS) - click on the "General Order" file to peruse the policies: NLCRPD Agency Policies 

The members of the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department strive to be transparent in our actions, decisions, and communications with both the people we work with and those we serve. This ensures that we are honest and open in our interactions and decision making. We are genuine with those we communicate with and endeavor to create trusting relationships. We accept feedback and are comfortable in responding to criticism and finding ways to improve.

The NLCRPD builds trust with our colleagues, partners, and communities by being open about what we have done and why we have done it and by keeping our promises so community members can rely on us when needed. For this reason, the NLCRPD is establishing a direct link for public access into the agency policy management portal. Some policies which may contain law enforcement sensitive or restricted information are either presented in a redacted format or are withheld entirely. One key factor for public consideration is the review date or issue date of the written directive. Policy is effective only when reviewed periodically with emergent best practices being applied into the directives.

The NLCRPD is an accredited law enforcement agency with the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC). The agency utilizes an automated policy management web-based application (PowerDMS) to manage and assure that all NLCRPD agency members have access to the current and complete written directives and agency guidance. This means that NLCRPD can view this guidance from any remote platform with real time access. This platform also provides the NLCRPD tools to assure that the accreditation process is managed and meets the requirements for continued process and procedural review.