Request for Audio/Video Recordings

All requests for audio and / or video recordings made by the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department shall be made in writing to the Open Records Officer.  The request must specify the incident or event that is the subject of the recording, including the date, time, and location of the incident. The request shall also include a statement describing the requester's relationship to the incident.  If the incident occurred inside a residence, the request shall identify each individual who was present at the time of the recording, unless not known and not reasonably ascertainable.

Right to Know Officer
Police Chief David Steffen serves as the police department's Right To Know / Open Records Officer.

Process to Request a Recording pursuant to Chapter 67A
If you would like to make a request for a copy of a recording, complete the required Act 22 Request Form (available below).  Also below is a "Request for Recordings Instruction Guide" if needed.  Once the form and initial payments are completed and gathered, your request should then be or physically sent to the Right to Know Officer via the United States Postal Service (we suggest by Certified Mail since payment must be included) or you may appear in person and deliver to Headquarters: 

     Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department
     Attention: Right To Know Officer
     860 Durlach Road
     Stevens, PA 17578

Initial non-refundable filing fee: $125.00
First hour, or any part thereof, for the requested production: $200.00
After one hour, the department will continue to charge $200.00 per hour, or any part thereof, for the requested production.

PDF icon Act 22 Request FormPDF icon Request for Recordings Instruction Guide