NLCRPD officers wear a distinctive daily uniform in the day to day operations of the department. The uniform has specific regular care recommendations to assure appearance standards and extension of the life of the uniform. Some of these include a dry-cleaning requirement. As a result of Governor Wolf’s recent mandate on business closures and restrictions; it is expected that all dry-cleaning and uniform tailoring services will be closed until further notice.

As a part of the planning process associated with the COVID-19 response the NLCRPD anticipated the potential for such an action and prepared for the need for an alternative uniform to meet agency needs during this period. An advantage to this uniform is the ability to frequently launder, sanitize, and self-care for the uniform. Another advantage is the uniform will be used for future training, special circumstance, search and rescue, crime scene and other future NLCRPD needs.

Until further notification: Beginning on Friday, March 20, 2020 at 18:00 hours a temporary uniform change will be implemented for all NLCRPD uniform patrols to include the Manheim Auto Auction Detail.

Authorized uniform:

1) Black polo shirts – black polo shirts with embroidered patch on the front left chest and Regional Police identification on rear – preferred.) Officers will continue to utilize uniform jackets and or safety vests when appropriate
2) Tan, kaki, or coyote colored BDU style pants. Tan colored pants are preferred.
3) Black boots
4) Black undershirt
5) All agency issued body worn cameras (BWC) requirements apply
6) All standard belts and gear remain as required. * modifications for staff authorized as per agency written directives.
7) Headwear requirements have been suspended