On Friday October 2, 2020, Susquehanna Regional Police responded to Herr's convenience/gas station at 1406 River road, Marietta, Pa where an employee discovered that a credit card reader/skimmer device was installed inside the gas pump.  It was learned that sometime between August 3 and October 2, a skimmer device was placed inside the gas pump. At some point, the gas pump was opened without any signs of force.  Attached are pictures of the device from Susquehanna Regional Police.  It has been learned that identical devices have been recovered from gas pumps in other central PA jurisdictions. 

This information is being released to increase consumer awareness at gas pumps.  If you purchased gas at this location on Pump #1, check your transactions for fraudulent   activity and contact your bank to make them aware and order a new card to be safe.

Before purchasing gas at a gas pump, the consumer should be able to observe that the seals are intact and not broken.  A broken seal could indicate that the pump has been tampered with.  If anyone observes that the seals are damaged or the credit card reader is not working, they should immediately notify a manager at the gas station. If anyone has information regarding this case, please contact the Susquehanna Regional Police Department at (717) 426-1164 or submit a tip on this site.  Reference case # 2010001249.  


Friday, October 2, 2020 - 7:15am

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