Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for follow-up investigations for specifically assigned cases. These cases are usually serious incidents such as, but not limited to, homicides, death investigations, robberies, sexual assaults, serious physical assaults, child abuse cases and other felony cases that demand a unique investigative knowledge, time and may require travel outside the local area and for preparing cases for prosecution. The Criminal Investigations Unit combats crime by conducting prompt and diligent investigations. Detectives maximize the use of all available technological and traditional investigation methods to solve crime, track down and apprehend suspects, accomplices and fugitives as well as locate and recover stolen property. The unit is comprised two Detectives, supervised by the Lieutenant. The Criminal Investigations Unit is also tasked with processing all major crime scenes, attending postmortem examinations, and the handling, storage, disposition of all property and evidence seized by police officers. All property and evidence received is processed and stored, transferred to a crime lab, transferred to county court, released to owner, turned over to the State or destroyed.