The Susquehanna Regional Police Department currently has one certified officer who conducts Child Safety Seat inspections. This program enables citizens to bring child safety seats to the Susquehanna Regional Police Department for inspection, to be sure that seats are functioning properly and that it is the proper seat for your child’s weight, height and age. Officer Laurel Bair is trained to help parents or caregivers learn how to properly install car seats, and identify child safety seats that have been recalled due to manufacturer defects or safety concerns. The Susquehanna Regional Police Department will be conducting programs throughout the year to inspect child safety seats as a service to the citizens of East Donegal Township, Conoy Township and Marietta borough. If you would like to bring your child safety seat in for inspection, please contact Officer Laurel Bair at 717-426-1164 ext:154 to schedule an appointment.

For more information on proper child safety seats please visit