Garage/Yard sale season is upon us.  Here is an excerpt from the Strasburg Borough Zoning Ordinance with some useful information;

Within any zone, an owner and/or occupant may conduct up to two (2) garage/yard sales per year. No garage or yard sale shall be conducted for a period longer than two consecutive  days. Such sales may offer for sale personal possessions; no import or stocking of inventory shall be permitted.

Only one four (4) square foot sign shall be permitted advertising the garage/yard sale; such sign must be located upon the premises where the sale occurs, and shall be removed promptly upon the completion of the sale.

In no case shall any aspect of the garage/yard sale be conducted in a street right-of-way. The conduct of garage sales beyond the extent described herein represents a commercial business and requires appropriate zoning authorization;

If you have any questions please call the Borough Office at 717-687-7732.