Local Lens Program - Example

Here’s how it works:

Mr. John Q. Public has a camera system that captures his front porch, driveway, and part of the sidewalk at 123 Anystreet, Ephrata.  He joins the Local Lens program by registering his camera’s location, along with his phone number and email address with Ephrata PD.

One night in the same neighborhood Mrs. Smith’s car is broken into.  After taking the report, officers check the list of Local Lens partners and see that Mr. Public has a camera that might have captured the thief coming or going.

Mr. Public checks his footage at the officers’ request and provides identifying video or still pictures to the PD.  Officers recognize the suspect as a local resident and bring a charge of theft.

This is just an example of an ideal scenario.  Many other possibilities exist.  We would love to have you “partner up” with us.

Still have questions?  Call the Ephrata Police at 717-738-9200 and ask for a Local Lens specialist.

To register with Local Lens, CLICK HERE.