Overtruned Load



Ephrata Police were called at approximately 5:30pm Saturday 8-3-19 for the report of Chickens on the roadway at the intersection of US 322 and US 222.  

Police found approximately 20 crates containing about 100 chickens laying along the entrance ramp to south bound US 222.   The crates did not break open, the chickens were alive and  appeared to be in good health.   The driver of the truck hauling the chickens, Andrew Dehart, returned to the scene once he realized, as he traveled south on US 222, he had lost part of his load.     Andrew Dehart M/31 of Leola, reported his load of crates shifted causing one of the tie downs straps to snap.   Dehart was cited for failure to properly secure his load.   

Saturday, August 3, 2019

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