Don't Fall Victim To Scammers

The Elizabethtown Police Department has become aware that an area business fell victim to a SCAMMER.  Chief Cunningham wants to reassure everyone that the Elizabethtown Police Department - nor ANY OTHER law enforcement agency - will ask you go to a grocery or convenience store and purchase gift cards to pay fines or to otherwise do business with the police.  Our officers are actively working a number of these cases, and we want to remind you that (1) we will not ask you to pay us with gift cards, and (2) if you are not sure that you are speaking with a GENUINE police officer, politely end the call and ask to call them back at the police station.  EPD can be reached during business hours at 717-367-6540 and 24/7 at 717-367-1835.  

If you have any questions, or if you have any information about this type of incident, please reach out to us by either giving us a call, or by using the "Submit A Tip" button above.