Fingerprinting Services

All non-criminal fingerprinting is done by appointment by calling (717) 367-6540, M-F, 7:30 AM - 4 PM to schedule an appointment.

The Elizabethtown Police will fingerprint any Borough resident or person who works in Elizabethtown Borough free of charge.

Residents of or persons who work in Conoy Township, East Donegal Township, Marietta Borough, Mount Joy Borough, Mount Joy Township or West Donegal Township should first contact the police department having jurisdiction where they reside to schedule fingerprinting appointments.  As a last resort, residents of these municipalities can be printed by the Elizabethtown Police Department but are charged a $10 fee for this service.

Other non-borough residents, based on the municipality where they reside, should contact their local police department or the PA State Police.

Citizens are reminded to bring photo identification and to complete all information on the fingerprint cards prior to the appointment.

Certain Types of Fingerprinting Cannot Be Done by the Police Department

The following types of fingerprinting cannot be completed at the Elizabethtown Police Department:

Fingerprinting for prospective employees of public schools, private schools, and their contractors' employees who will work in direct contact with children and "student teacher candidates" required by Act 34 of 1985 and/or Act 114 of 2006.

  This fingerprinting can be accomplished at the Elizabethtown Public Library; however, and you can find information about their services here.  The library's webiste will give directions, but you must register online and set up an appointment at the IdentoGo website.