Burglar and Fire Alarms

The police department responds to dozens of alarms each month. A vast majority of these are false alarms. The Borough charges for redundant responses of police resources to false alarms, based upon the Borough ordinance. Residential and business alarm responses are tracked by the police department to assist the alarm owner in ensuring that they are not experiencing false alarms at their premises. Each resident and business gets one (1) warning about "false alarm" responses annually. As outlined by the Borough ordinance, the service fee structure is as follow:

  • 1st false alarm - warning letter
  • 2nd false alarm - $25
  • 3rd false alarm - $50
  • 4th false alarm - $100
  • 5th false alarm - $150
  • 6th and subsequent - $200

Please view the ordinance below.

PDF icon Burglar and Fire Alarm Ordinance