District Attorney Heather Adams Announces Virtual Victims of Homicide Remembrance Quilt Project

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office announces our Victims of Homicide Remembrance Quilt project on this National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

The project, which is nearing its final stages, is an online and interactive tool to remember victims killed in homicides. For many years, large quilts hung outside our office, adorned with commemorative patches of the victims. Families submitted these patches to be sewn on the quilts, forever honoring their lost loved ones.

When the District Attorney’s Office recently relocated, we no longer had space to display the quilts outside our office. This virtual project is a recreation of those quilts to provide an opportunity for families to share their stories of their loved ones and to view and remember their loved ones anytime, anywhere, and forever.

“This project reminds us of the many people who are missing from dinner tables, little league games, weddings, and family reunions,” Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Services Director Deanna Weaver said. “We want families to know that though years may pass, we have not forgotten their stories.”

The project was created in collaboration with the Lancaster County Geographic Information System (GIS)division, a part of the Information Technology (IT) department. The interactive map allows users to navigate to and from each victim’s individual photo from the quilts, which then displays a short paragraph detailing the incident and a map marker of where the crime occurred. If available, corresponding links to news stories and press releases regarding the incident will be provided.

The project is anticipated to formally launch in the next few weeks but will not be fully released and made public until notice is provided to all the families of victims included.

“I am so grateful for my staff, both past and present, that have worked on this project,” Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams said. “It is incredibly meaningful to be able to announce the project on this day of remembrance. Today, we remember and honor victims lost to violence and their surviving family members and give a heartfelt thank you to those that work to ensure that each and every victim receives the assistance that they need and deserve.”

The District Attorney’s Office also wishes to thank Steve Gochenaur, Serena London and the Lancaster County GIS division for their assistance.

If your loved one’s picture had been part of these quilts and you have any questions or concerns or you want to add your loved one to this project, please reach out to Media Specialist Sean McBryan (semcbryan@co.lancaster.pa.us), Victim/Witness Program Director Deanna Weaver (dweaver@co.lancaster.pa.us) or call the Lancaster County Victim/Witness Services at 717-299-8048.

Individuals who are struggling, as the result of being victims (or family members) of violent crime, should contact their local Victim Services Agency.  Staff members can connect them with counseling and support services in their community.