Pathways to Recovery


The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement in Lancaster County have long been supporters of diversionary programs that offer offenders a second chance and address the root causes of crime.  Public safety increases if an offender is rehabilitated as they are then less likely to reoffend.

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office is proud to partner with SecondChance PA and Compass Mark to bring a new and improved diversionary program at the magisterial district judge level called “Pathways to Recovery.”  The program is designed to help people with addiction challenges get the help they need to have a hopeful, successful life and to avoid trial and a criminal record.  The improvements in this program include a shift away from the box-checking measures in the current program, many of which were behind a paywall of administrative fees.  Pathways to Recovery offers participants support, education, alignment, referral to appropriate treatment service, monitoring and follow up for a low, flat fee and involves appropriate behavioral health experts and peers trained to assist individuals in utilizing services and supports. 

Each person enrolling in the program will be required to meet with a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS), undergo a level-of-care assessment, follow through with all recommendations, perform community service, undergo random drug and/or alcohol testing and pay any restitution owed.  If a participant completes all conditions, the charges are dismissed.

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office provided donations from the Lancaster County Drug Task Force forfeiture fund to SecondChance PA and Compass Mark for the launch of this program.  Forfeiture funds will also be used as scholarships on an on-going basis to offset the cost of the Skills for Life program.   

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