Lancaster-Based Personal Trainer Charged with Indecent Assaults of Clients During Workouts



A Lancaster-based personal trainer is charged with misdemeanor counts of indecent assault for groping clients during workout sessions.

Rasheen Glover, 33, of Union Street in Lancaster, was charged Friday afternoon with three counts of indecent assault. Glover was arraigned about 2 p.m. and released on $20,000 unsecured bail.

As part of bail conditions, Glover is prohibited from training female clients.

Glover is presumed innocent.

Lancaster County Detective Andrew Morgan filed the charges regarding incidents in 2018 and 2019 when Glover was a trainer with D-Time Fitness, R-Fitness and most recently with TF Fitness. Detective Morgan collaborated on the investigation with Lancaster city police.

According to the charging documents, Glover assaulted the female victims during workout routines and under the guise of taking before and after photos and measurements. His conduct included rubbing his genitals on the clients, touching the clients’ inappropriately, and making sexually explicit comments.

In one incident, he held onto a woman’s cell phone (as she tried to leave) while asking her to participate in various sexual acts as Glover attempted to pull her into a garage located at the rear of the gym.

The charges involve three victims. Anyone with information they feel police should be aware of is asked to contact the Lancaster City Police Department at 717-735-3300.

Information also can be submitted via the SUBMIT A TIP button on this CrimeWatch page.

Detective Morgan outlines the criminal conduct in an affidavit of probable cause, which states:

In one incident in July 2019, Glover touched a woman’s inner thighs, slid his fingers under the woman’s shorts, rubbed his genitals against the woman and placed his hand over the woman’s genital area during workout routines. Glover also made sexually explicit comments to the woman. As the woman tried to leave, Glover held onto her cell phone while continuing to make explicit comments.

In another incident in late 2018 or January 2019, Glover had a client pose for “before and after progress photos,” having her take off her pants in front of a mirror and groped her inner thighs and buttocks.

In another incident in December 2018, while supposedly taking “progress photos,” Glover took a woman into a room, attempted to pull the woman’s pants down, touched the woman’s inner thighs and breasts and repeatedly made sexual comments to the woman. Glover also, while spotting the woman during an exercise, rested his genitals on a part of the woman’s body.

The victims never consented to any of the inappropriate actions of Glover outlined in the charges.

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Friday, March 13, 2020 - 12:00am