Manheim Police Ask for Continued Peace and Dialogue with Protesters Prior to Demonstrations

The Manheim Borough Police Department will continue to monitor protests and demonstrations that take place in our jurisdictions and act accordingly to preserve the safety of our residents.

It is not our intention to silence or inhibit peaceful demonstration. Rather, our concerns are for the safety of residents and the demonstrators.

Our department was appreciative of the dialogue between protesters and police prior to two initial protest events, which happened in the first two weeks of June.

However, our department was not made aware of plans regarding protests in recent days until those demonstrations were taking place.

We encourage dialogue with police prior to protest events so to keep everyone safe while accommodating the protesters.

Regarding the recent unannounced protests, we learned that many of the protesters were not from the Manheim area.

As of the time of this release, no charges have been filed. However, going forward, we will continue to consult with the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office regarding potential charges/citations.

We received information that some individuals at recent protest events were carrying weapons. Additionally, there was blockage of trafficways. It is our understanding that blockage happened without notifications made to our department or PennDOT prior to the demonstrations.

We are thankful for the peaceful demonstrations and efforts made by organizations and individuals to make police aware of protest events so we can take appropriate action.

We are hopeful that demonstrations remain peaceful and will continue to respond accordingly.