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The Manheim Borough Police Department is comprised of 17 sworn Law Enforcement Officers, 2 administrative assistants and 6 crossing guards.  Within the Police Department we have several roles which include: Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations, Traffic Enforcement / Investigations, Drug Investigations, School Resource Officer, Emergency Services, Administrative Assistant and and Executive Staff.  These roles are highlighted under the SERVICE section of this web site:  https://manheimpolice.org/services


The Manheim Borough Police Department serves the communities of Manheim Borough and Rapho Township by protecting citizens and property, preventing crime, enforcing laws, and maintaining order.  All Officers of the department are included in the rotation to patrol Manheim Borough and Rapho Township so they gain expertise in both communities.  Manheim Borough Police Department patrols the 47 square miles of Rapho and 1.5 square miles of Manheim Borough.  Rapho Township’s population is 9,888 and Manheim Borough’s popluation in 4,652.