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3476 Marietta Ave

Lancaster, PA 17601

The Honorable Miles K. Bixler    District 02-1-03

          341 Chestnut Street

          Columbia, PA  17512


The Honorable Miles K. Bixler    District 02-1-03

          341 Chestnut Street

          Columbia, PA  17512


No, motor scooters (including small motor cycles, mini-bikes, “pocket bikes” and “pocket rockets”) are not permitted to be operated upon the highway, roadway, traffic way or sidewalks.  In order for a motor scooter to be “legal” it would be required to be registered, inspected, meet basic equipment requirements, be insured, and the operator would need a valid driver’s license.  For safety reasons, please do not operate or permit to be operated any motor scooters on the roadway.  Violators could be cited under the “Vehicle Code”, Title 75 of PA Consolidated Statutes. 

The Federal Trade Commission has a website that is a one-stop national resource to learn about the crime of identity theft. It provides detailed information to help you deter, detect, and defend against identity theft Federal Trade Commission website link

Yes, to protect life and property, the township has established a fairly restrictive ordinance governing what, when and where you may burn. Please contact our department prior to burning to assure you are within the guidelines.

Call the office at 717-285-5191 Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

After hours dispatch:  1-800-957-2677

One of the more common concerns of residents is the Curfew Ordinance. As a means of minimizing juvenile delinquency and protecting our youth, an ordinance establishes times when minors may not appear in a public place without a parent or legal guardian. The following is a list of ages and corresponding times when minors are not permitted to appear in public without parents:

10:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. - minors 11 years of age or younger

10:30 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. - minors 12 or 13 years of age

11:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. - minors 14 through 17 years of age

The hours indicated are "prevailing time" and exceptions for employment, school, and other exceptional activities may be granted by the Chief of Police on a case by case basis.

Solicitors are required to register with the Police Department and obtain a permit prior to soliciting. They are required to carry and display identification. Some service clubs and non-profit organizations are exempt and are not required to seek permits. If a solicitor at your door does not have identification, please contact us at 285-5191 from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm, to determine their status. That's our way of protecting you from unwanted solicitation.

It shall be unlawful for any individual to solicit funds, peddle, canvass, or take orders either by sample or otherwise, for any goods, wares or merchandise, upon any street, alley, sidewalk or public place, or from house to house in West Hempfield Township without first obtaining a license as provided herein.   However, the Township has authorized exemptions from the license for the following:

  1. Farmers selling their own products;
  2. Persons soliciting funds or selling goods, wares or merchandise, donated by the owner thereof, where the funds or the proceeds of sale are to be applied exclusively for a charitable purpose;
  3. Representatives and members of Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, American Association of Retired Persons, Disabled American Veterans, Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A., Y.W.H.A. and Y.M.H.A., Red Cross, Salvation Army and other national and international service organizations and associations existing for the benefit of youth, aged, handicapped or stricken and soliciting or selling for the purpose of self-perpetuation and who may be registered as charitable organizations with the State or Federal Government
  4. Manufacturers or producers of bread and bakery products, meat and meat products, or milk or milk products, who sell their own products;
  5. Insurance and real estate agents and brokers licenses by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  6. School Children selling goods, wares or merchandise where the funds or proceeds of the sale are to be applied exclusively for a function or organization sponsored or approved by the school which such children attend.
  7. Any honorably discharged soldier, sailor or marine of the military service who complies with the Act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of 1867, April 8, P.L. 50, as amended1, who procures from the Prothonatory of any court in this commonwealth a certificate with said Act of Assembly.
  8. Any person taking orders for merchandise from dealers or merchants for resale to an ultimate consumer.
If you are suspicious of a door to door salesperson or have a question about door to door solicitation, please contact the West Hempfield Police Department non-emergency dispatch at 717-285-5191.

Yes. In all cases there is a fee required to obtain a police report. This allows for the Township to recoup costs incurred in retrieval and copying of the information requested while keeping the cost to other taxpayers down.

Dissemination of a police report is very limited and is controlled by State and Federal law. Under certain circumstances, limited information may be released. In the case of an accident report, release is primarily controlled by Sections 3751 and 6114 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and is limited to only those persons directly involved in the accident; owners of the vehicles involved; and attorneys and insurance companies representing any of the parties involved.

The release of other police investigative reports is even more tightly controlled, primarily by Chapter 91 of the Crimes Code (Criminal History Record Information Act), which generally prohibits the release of copies or information from police investigative reports to persons other than those in the criminal justice system. Limited information may be available to some individuals in specific cases, but a Court Order will be required to obtain information dependent upon the specific circumstances involved.

For information on specific requests call the West Hempfield Township Police Department at 717-285-5191.

Yes, please call our office to schedule an appointment.  Tours may also be available depending on date and time.

Yes, the drop off box is located in our lobby at 3401 Marietta Avenue.

Products Accepted
Prescription and over-the-counter solid medications, tablets and capsules, liquid medications, inhalers, creams, ointments, nasal sprays, and pet medicines

Products NOT Accepted
Intravenous solutions, injectables and needles

Annually, the Township tests for new police officers to serve the Township.

The Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association, and several of its member agencies, have entered into an agreement to conduct a cooperative testing process for the position of police officer. West Hempfield Township PD is a participating agency.

For fees, dates and times see the following link:  Employment

Officers are on duty 24/7

Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Call us immediately!  The faster you call, the faster we can reunite dog and owner.  For found dogs, we will scan them for a chip and post their picture onFacebook where they are seen by hundreds of viewers.  If you have lost your dog we will keep an eye out during our patrols and be one step closer to getting him or her home if someone else finds your dog first.

Phone:  717-285-5191

Fax:      717-285-1353

All dogs three months of age or older must be licensed. Licenses are issued by the County Treasurer.

All dogs must be under control and must not be allowed to run at large. Dogs are personal property, and owners are responsible for damages caused by their dog.

It is illegal to mistreat or abuse any animal. Violations should be reported to a local humane organization or the police.

It is illegal to abandon or attempt to abandon any dog.'

No dog under eight weeks of age may be sold, traded, bartered or transferred.

You may not place any poison or harmful substance in any place where dogs may easily eat it, whether it is your own property or elsewhere.

You must have a current kennel license if you operate a facility that keeps, harbors, boards, shelters, sells, gives away or transfers a total of 26 or more dogs in any one calendar year.

Owners of dogs and cats 3 months of age or older are required to have a current rabies vaccination.

It is illegal to interfere with an officer or employee of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture engaged in enforcement of dog laws

The Lancaster County Treasurer's Office is responsible for registering and licensing dogs. (Lifetime) Please see the link below for more information. Lancaster County Treasurer

Annual Licenses can be obtained at various local establishments such as That Fish Place or your family veterinarian.