The following information is being passed on from the Pequea Township Board of Supervisors - Effective immediately the Playground and Pavilions at the Silvermine Park are closed.  The park remains open for walkers to exercise, however we urge everyone to adhere to social distancing practices, stay at least six feet apart from each other and give everyone room.  If officials see an overcrowding problem they may make further restrictions.  

The township web page is currently down due to a scheduled upgrade which is in limbo.  Until the township web page is operational all updates will be forwarded to the public via the Pequea Township Police Webpage at . We urge anyone with questions on Corona Virus symptoms, best practices to stop the spread of the disease, state mandates on business restrictions etc.  visit

The Township Municipal Office will be open, however office hours are not consistent as employees schedules are being adjusted.  The office is closed to foot traffic.  Anyone wishing to contact the office should do so by calling 717-464-2322 .  If the situation is emergent and needs immediate response you can reach the Pequea Township Police Department at 717-664-1180 and the information will be forwarded to the proper township representative.  

The police department continues to operate under the previously released operational changes.  The only additions being that the unused prescription medication drop off and all fingerprinting services are suspended.  All township departments are functional and taking all steps to deal with the current condition and preparing for potential problems that may come up.  

Finally, we ask everyone to remain calm during this difficult time.  We are in this together.  We will get through it and we will get back to normal, hopefully sooner than later.  Please heed all warnings issued by medical professionals and government agencies.  It's not just about you, it's about your mom, dad, grandma and grandpa or maybe your neighbors immunocompromised child.  Relax, Stay Home and Stay Safe. 

Special thanks to E.M. Herr's Farm and Home Store and Goods Store for helping us acquire necessary equipment.  Extra Special shout out to Mr. M. who won't want recognized but I appreciate his act of kindness.  

- Chief Michener