Phone Scam 1/10/2019

An issue was brought to our attention yesterday on the City of Lancaster, PA Facebook page. A comment on a post read: "Thank you for your service but have a question. I have gotten 5 calls today from according to them Lancaster Police Association. The number for shows up as SPAM? York PA number 717-894-1067 on my caller ID. I just hang up. Are you calling for donations. Someone should look into it. Thanks"

There is no such entity as the Lancaster Police Association. Our Police collective bargaining unit is the Lancaster City Police Officers Association. We do not solicit for our association in any way. Anyone claiming to be collecting donations on our behalf is not legitimate. 

There is a 501(c)3 titled the Lancaster Police Foundation that is designed to supplement training and equipment needs for the Bureau. The Lancaster Police Foundation does not solict funds via telephone. They take part in the Extra Give in the Fall, otherwise they send out solicitations through the mail. You can read more about the Foundation at

We cannot speak on behalf of every Police agency, but telephone solicitations on behalf of a Police departments are likely to be fraudulent. If you should receive a phone call soliciting funds on behalf of any Police agency, you can ask for their contact information at the department and attempt to verify it independently. We suggest you say "No Thank You" and end the call.

Should you require Police assistance you can contact dispatch at 717-664-1180 for non-emergency calls and 911 for emergencies. 

Press release prepared by Lt. Bill Hickey 717-735-3481