Career Information


A career in policing is both rewarding and challenging. Police officers get the chance to interact with the community in which they serve on a variety of different levels. Police officers have the freedom to be out with the public, helping those in need while enforcing laws and investigating crimes. 

The job can be physically and mentally demanding. Applicants are expected to be in good physical condition because of the nature of the job, which may require an officer to be able to ride a bike or walk a beat for a twelve-hour shift. Officers are also expected to use conventional wisdom and problem solving during the course of their day.

In 2021, the starting salary for officers is $55,735. After 6 years of service, the officers' salary will increase to $79,622. The raises in pay are incremental over the first 6 years of service. 

There is an annual college incentive of $1,500 for a Bachelor degree and $750 for an Associate degree after four years of service. New officers will receive two weeks of vacation after their first year of service and will have 17 holidays per year.

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