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To submit a tip, call the tip line at, (800) 322-1913 as Text Tip capabilities are not currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is it 100% anonymous?
        a. Yes, none of the information exchanged over the system is logged so there is no way to track the originator of a text or web tip.

2. What if the tip is related to an emergency or a situation where we need to find out who they are?
        a. If it’s clearly an emergency situation, direct them to call 911 immediately. Since the system is two way, you can converse via the text chat, but since its 100% anonymous they may choose not to provide any identifying information.

3. Can we issue a Subpoena to identify the tipster’s information?
        a. Since the tip originators information is not logged and it’s 100% anonymous, there is no way to find that information out. However, you will have the actual tip(s) archived on the system if you need to produce it.

4. Can we contact the tipster again in the future?
        a. Yes, at any time you can revisit a tip to reengage the tipster. They of course are not required to respond but you do have the opportunity to stay “tethered”.

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I understand that submitting a false report is punishable by law, and agree this message is not related to an incident currently in progress.