*Fraud Alert*

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (L & I) is reporting that they have seen an increase in fraudulent attempts to apply for unemployment benefits using stolen identities.  These cases are not just limited to PA.  So we can hold these criminals accountable for their actions and so we can try to prevent other people from being victimized, we are asking victims to the following steps:

  • Start a recovery plan with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting www.identitytheft.gov
  • If you are a victim of a traditional unemployment fraud, contact your local police.  In addition to notifying your local police department, report the unemployment fraud to L&I online at the UC Benefits website https://benefits.uc.pa.gov/vosnet/Default.aspx.  Click on the blue banner that reads “Report Fraud Here.”  You will be directed to an instructional page.  Click on “Report Fraud Here” on this page as well.  You will then be directed to a form to fill out to submit online. 
  • To report fraud connected to the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PAU) program, contact your local police and then go to https://www.uc.pa.gov/Pages/Report-Fraud-Here.aspx and report it to the state.  This page contains helpful information
  • Victims who are legitimately collecting unemployment but have had their accounts hijacked and money redirected should call their local police department and also report it to the Fraud Hotline at (800) 692-7469.
  • Victims who receive checks or US Bank debit cards in the mail should return them to L&I with a brief signed statement as to the reason for the return, as well as a phone number and email address.  All checks should be marked VOID.  Both checks and debit cards should be returned to:

Pennsylvania Treasury

651 Boas Street, Room 400

L&I Building

Harrisburg, PA  

As always, make every attempt to guard your personal information.