Our Mission and Vision


The vision of the West Hempfield Township Police Department is to be a professional law enforcement agency that shall  strive to achieve the highest degree of excellence through progressive enforcement, public safety and community service. That all department personnel shall act with honesty and integrity, maintaining an environment that is responsive to the needs of our community and our personnel.


It shall be the mission of the West Hempfield Township Police Department to provide prompt, professional and competent service at all times; to promote public education and awareness regarding crime reduction and traffic safety; to promote public safety through law enforcement and by striving to recognize and eliminating potential traffic hazards; to investigate criminal activity and to actively enforce applicable statutes; to reduce criminal activity through aggressive patrol and public awareness education; and to continually evaluate the needs of the community and our personnel.

Adopted by the West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors on December 6, 2005.