West Earl Police implement Body Worn Camera's

Apr 21st, 2022

West Earl Police Department issue body cameras

Brownstown, PA – The West Earl Township police department is pleased to announce that the agency has issued body worn cameras to all of its uniformed officers. Officers are now required to utilize their Body Worn Camera’s when interacting with the public. The department also upgraded their in-car camera system to a system that works in conjunction with the officer’s body worn camera’s. When an officer’s vehicle camera is activated it also automatically activates the officers body worn camera. The system will also activate any other body cameras in the vicinity of the vehicle when activated. The department chose Digital Ally’s DM-800 in car camera system and their FirstVu HD Body Worn Camera. All of West Earl’s marked police vehicles have been upgraded with the new in car camera systems.

All officers have been trained in the use of the new cameras and a new policy was created in compliance with Pennsylvania laws. Officers began utilizing the new cameras the week of March 27th.

West Earl Township Supervisors approved Police Chief Eric Higgins proposal to purchase the cameras for the department back on January 24th, at a Board of Supervisor’s Meeting.

The West Earl Police Department's goals and objectives in deploying body-worn cameras are the complete accurate documentation of interactions between police officers and members of the public, during arrests, and other critical incidents.

Chief Higgins stated “These new cameras are about bringing transparency and building trust with the community, increasing officer’s safety, and enhancing our ability to present evidence during a prosecution.”