Title Offender Typesort descending Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept Purge Amount
Jones, Lori Ann - Burglary (F1); Criminal Mischief (M2); and Criminal Conspiracy Jones, Lori Ann October 2, 2017
Bright, Chad Edward - Theft & related offenses 25344880 - Bright, Chad Edward December 21, 2017 Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department $0
Blessing, Daulton Lee - Retail Theft and 2 additional charges Blessing, Daulton Lee September 27, 2018 Ephrata Police Department
Braun II, George A - Home Improvement Fraud (F-3) and 1 additional charge Braun II, George A December 20, 2018
Wike, Taylor McCoy - Aggravated Assault Wike, Taylor McCoy Criminal MJ-02201-CR-0000363-2017 August 10, 2017 Lancaster City Bureau of Police
Bruce, Eric Michael - 3922 theft by deception PA Op 20 469 504 - Bruce, Eric Michael Criminal MJ-02303-CR-0000212-2014 March 18, 2015 Strasburg Police
Smith, Ralph Eugene - (1) Count Felony Megans Law Violation - Failure to Comply With Registration Smith, Ralph Eugene Criminal January 17, 2019 Manheim Township Police Departmetn
Sheppard, Brandi Marie - (1) Count Felony Forgery and 1 additional charge Sheppard, Brandi Marie Criminal June 29, 2018 Manheim Township Police Department
Johnson, Gregory Thomas - (1) Count (M) of Possession of Paraphernalia 60034564 - Johnson, Gregory Thomas Criminal MJ-02103-CR00000632003 March 17, 2015
Seymour, Francisco - Retail Theft (M-1) Seymour, Francisco Criminal February 4, 2015 East Lampeter Twp Police
Melvin, Timothy Cleveland Jr. - (2) Counts Felony Retail Theft Melvin, Timothy Cleveland Jr. Criminal August 13, 2018 Manheim Township Police Department
NGUYEN, HUNG PHUOC - 2 Counts Theft By Unlawful Taking (M2) 28392575 - NGUYEN, HUNG PHUOC Criminal MJ-02202-CR-47-2018 February 7, 2018 Lancaster City Bureau of Police
Ortiz, Esmael Jr. - Delivery or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver Controlled Substance Etc Ortiz, Esmael Jr. Criminal MJ-02101-CR-293-2016 May 19, 2016 Lancaster City Bureau of Police/ Lancaster County Sheriff's Office
Fuller, Frederick Joseph III - Forgery and 2 additional charges Fuller, Frederick Joseph III Criminal MJ-02306-CR-0000274-2018 September 19, 2018 East Earl Township
Marchand, Lindsey Anne - (1) Count Retail Theft F Marchand, Lindsey Anne Criminal April 12, 2018 Manheim Township Police Department
Candelario, Angel William - Aggravated Assault (2 counts) and 4 additional charges Candelario, Angel William Criminal MJ-02204-CR-0000303-2016 September 3, 2016 Lancaster City Bureau of Police
Duarte-Lebron, Bryan - (1) Count Felony Retail Theft Duarte-Lebron, Bryan Criminal October 18, 2018 Manheim Township Police Department
Markland, Paul Joseph - (1) Count Retail Theft and 1 additional charge Markland, Paul Joseph Criminal May 21, 2018 Manheim Township Police Department
Duque, Jose Gabriel - CRIMINAL HOMICIDE and 1 additional charge Duque, Jose Gabriel Criminal MJ-02201-CR-0000097-2017 March 3, 2017 Lancaster City Bureau of Police
Jankiewicz, Mark Thomas - Forgery and 2 additional charges Jankiewicz, Mark Thomas Criminal MJ-02306-CR-0000355-2018 December 21, 2018 East Earl Township Police Department