School Investigation Update

At this time, the Susquehanna Regional Police Department has been working hand in hand with the Donegal School District to address this concerning situation since it emerged. Officers, Supervisors, and Detectives from the Department have worked diligently to sort out the social media posts to ensure that any threat or potential threat to the safety of our citizens is uncovered and addressed.

In regards to these social media posts, the SRPD has not developed actionable evidence of a direct threat, assault, or other crime. We have identified no current or future threat to the safety of our citizens or students. We will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate new information in the same manner – separating truth from rumor. Future charges or other official action may follow to those responsible – but only under the light of sufficient evidence.

 The Susquehanna Regional Police encourages our students and parents to report any type of suspicious activity or threats to our department immediately.